Saturday, September 10, 2011

365 Movies Day #165 "Encounter at Raven's Gate"

A movie so obscure I can't even find a proper trailer to post here. Instead, check out clips from the show reel of one of the actor's, Terry Camilleri. "Encounter at Raven's Gate" is a seedy little Australian film about two brother's and the rest of their local counterparts being trapped in one of the creepiest UFO incidents I have ever seen on film.

When the "aliens" (you never actually see them) visit, EVERYTHING turns crazy in a completely interesting and disturbing way. It truly creeped me out. Like "CHOPPER", the film is mainly cast from working Australian talent that would barely be recognizable in the states. That isn't to say that the acting isn't well delivered. The sheriff, the two brothers and Celine O'Leary (the leading lady) are all especially fun.

Basically, Richard and his wife Rachel (O'Leary) are living out in the wastes as Richard obsessively struggles to find a hidden water source that will make them rich. Meanwhile, his brother Eddie, a tough miscreant, has just gotten out of jail and comes to stay with them. With Richard overly focused on work, a forbidden love interest develops between Eddie and Rachel, which is interesting enough, but then add in the fact that creepy mind-bending aliens have come to wreak havoc and you have yourself a decent sci-fi romp. Ignore the imdb reviews and check this one out. You won't be disappointed.


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