Wednesday, September 21, 2011

365 Movies Day #176 "Warlock"

When an evil bastard and Warlock (hence the name of the film) played by the marvelous Julian Sands, escapes burning at the stake by mystically whisking himself a few hundred years into the future, he doesn't play around. He goes on a rampage trying to destroy the world. Only a witch hunter from his time who manages to cross over as well can stop him.

Now Sands has done some fantastic work on films like "Room with a View", "Boxing Helena", "Naked Lunch" and "The Killing Fields". This is his first feature on the blog. "Warlock" was the first film I remember him from and I remember being chilled by his portrayal. He is such a creepy menacing badguy that you could believe very easily that he is the devil himself.

Also important to note here that the writer of this film is David Twohy, who gave us the "Chronicles of Riddick" films (another of my favorites). He definitely knows how to craft a cool story.

Overall this one is a blast and one of my favorites.


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