Thursday, September 15, 2011

365 Movies Day #171 "Dead or Alive: Final"

This film is a serious what the hell is Miike smoking? Set in the far future where most of the world is destroyed and most of humanity is drugged into complacency. Children are outlawed and human-like battle replicants duel it out in the streets. While you think Miike is about to tie a neat little bow around it all toward the end of the film, explaining why it's a trilogy, it instead ends with a penis-headed robot and gay sex. Yep, it's out there.

Miike's credits so far from the blog include "AUDITION", "SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO", "DEAD OR ALIVE" and "DEAD OR ALIVE 2". Shô Aikawa and Riki Takeuchi star again and again, the link between the first two films is "almost" revealed.

It's got some great action sequences, a fun story and some touching moments with some cool visual effects. It does feel a little bit like he flushed the series down the toilet at the end though. Not my favorite of the three, but worth mentioning in conjunction with the other two. If you enjoy the first two, you have to see this, but don't expect any vast enlightenment. Although, I prefer penis robot to a David Lynch ending any day.


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