Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Italian Spiderman is No More

Hey kids, just received this email about "ITALIAN SPIDERMAN". Sad news, but some hope for the future. Also, all those wondering about the true identity of the actor who plays "Italian Spiderman" can be put to rest here. Plus news on DINOSAUR (basically the folks from Alrugo under a different flag) and their new offering, "Danger 5". Check it out:

Greetings friends,

For a number of reasons, mostly evil ones, there will be no more Italian Spiderman. May his legacy live on forever in the ageless capsule of hyperspace.

With him, also, dies Alrugo.

Thank you for all the love you have sent towards the hero in the red turtleneck. We are deeply sorry that we cannot bring you any more of his antics, however we assure you, by no means have we stopped creating.

After a tumultuous journey, we, Dario Russo (Director of Italian Spiderman) and David Ashby (Italian Spiderman himself) have formed a new company, named:


We apologise for the long, long radio silence, but we felt it would be wrong to make any false promises and or presentations until we had a new a worthy product to bestow upon you, so with great fanfare, we present for your titillation, the first title under the DINOSAUR banner:


Watch the trailer here: And we welcome you to visit Dinosaur’s homestead on the Interweb:

It has been far too long dear friends. We hope you enjoy the new and exotic stones of entertainment that we have harvested from the earth and painstakingly refined for your pleasure, and it is a joy to return to your company amongst the bosom of the information superhighway. You’ll be hearing more from us.

Stay posted.

Yours truly,


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