Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 10 List of Actors Who Should Play Brothers

I've done this little exercise in my head a lot when I'm watching a film...typically not a great one, because my brain has time to wander to random subjects like this. Which actors are destined to play brothers in a film? It could be something about the voice, the look, the mannerisms or it could be the total package. Anyway, here is my top 10 list of actors that I think should play brothers in a major flick!

1.) Dane Cook and Ryan Reynolds

Both are pretty funny guys and they are dead ringers for each other. So much so, that there was talk of replacing Reynolds on the "Deadpool" film with Cook when Reynolds signed on to play Hal Jordan in "The Green Lantern". These guys could easily pull of a sibling action comedy!

2.)Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg

Come on, you can barely tell me which one was in "Zombieland" and which was in "Scott Pilgrim" without going back to imdb. Sure Eisenberg is being lauded over Cera because he could play a socially awkward geek...with a dark side in stead of just a socially awkward loveable geek, but these kids are separated at birth.

3.)Terry Crews and Delroy Lindo

This one may just be me, but I've always dug Delroy Lindo and for some reason, everytime I see Crews in something like "The Expendables" or "Harsh Times" I think of Delroy Lindo. This one makes the least sense out of all my choices, but something just feels right about these guys sharing the screen as brothers.

4.)Cole Hauser and Bradley Cooper

Cole Hauser has had my attention since "Pitch Black" and a director friend of mine was lucky enough to work with the guy and speaks very highly of him. Loved him in "Tears of the Son" and even "Paparazzi". I think Bradley Cooper from "A Team" and the recently released "Limitless" would make a perfect family wingman for Cole in a flick. It's the eyes.

5.)Thomas Jane and Aaron Eckhart

There is a lot of speculation over at Thomas Jane's board, www.raw-studios.com, as to who looks the most like Tom out in Hollywood land, but I've always thought Aaron took the cake as far as a brother figure. These guys are interchangeable in a lot of roles and could easily pull of some sibling rivalry on screen.

6.)Jeffery Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem

I was watching "Eat, Pray, Love" the other night and it struck me again how fantastic Bardem is...then it hit me how much he looks like Morgan! Love both of these guys from "The Watchmen" and "Supernatural" to "No Country for Old Men". An obvious choice for onscreen bros.

7.)Michael Madsen and Tom Sizemore

Heck, I couldn't keep these guys straight in my head for the longest time. Both work in a similar genre of film and they've been notoriously mixed up for years. And here Tarantino was supposed to establish Madsen and Travolta as brothers in a flick.

8.)Harrison Ford and Dennis Quaid

Well sure, there's Randy Quaid, but for my money, Ford is a better fit. Well, for my money, I couldn't even afford Randy, but you get the point. With these two it's more than the cursory physical similarities. There are moments when I see Quaid in something like the outstanding "Pandorum" and I totally see and hear Harrison Ford. Check it out and tell me I'm wrong. This would be amazing on film!

9.) Ray Stevenson and Gerard Butler

Neither of these guys get enough credit if you ask me. While I like Jane's Punisher better, I think Ray nailed it and his portrayal of Danny Green in the recently released "Kill The Irishman" is amazing (directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, who also did Jane's Punisher flick...interesting). Then there is Butler who has given some great badass performances in "300", "Gamer", "Law Abiding Citizen" and me being a huge Ritchie fan, "Rock N Rolla". These two have some amazing similarities and would be a perfect Romulus/Remus match-up. Oh, and for another great Stevenson flick, check out "Outpost". Very cool.

10) Chris Evans and Channing Tatum

I REALLY, really like Chris Evans. If anyone was going to beat me out for Captain America, I'm glad it was him (yes, I auditioned). "The Losers" (with Morgan above), "Sunshine" and "Push" were all supercool flicks for him. Also, I was IN a film with Tatum, though we didn't even film in the same state and I think his billing was higher. These guys are close enough in looks and characteristics where they could pull it off. Oh, and Evans throws down with Cera/Eisenberg in Scott Pilgrim to boot!

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  1. Jimmi Simpson should/could play the brother of Cillian Murphy; despite the fact that some think Tom Welling (haha, "Smallville") resembles him, Jimmi REALLY has a similar creepiness factor going on. Take a look. http://tinyurl.com/CillianM and http://tinyurl.com/42ugep3

    I dunno, I'd like to see it in a dark comedy or something where they could both be creepy bastards. What do you think?!