Thursday, March 10, 2011

Supporting your Fellow Artists

A brief sidebar to talk about quick and easy ways you can GIVE to your fellow artists. It's also a great way to plus up the indy scene in the media. Here are a few quick tips.

1.) Go to imdb page and click 'LIKE' on the entertainer's page. Usually and actor/director will give you a great opportunity to do this by posting their imdb link on facebook or a similar source. Liking the post won't help. You have to actually go to the imdb site and click like in the right hand column. It takes about 5 seconds depending on internet speed and is a true help to the actor.

2.) If you've already 'liked' the imdb page and you see the link posted again, click on it. Even if you just let the page load and then close it and do something else, you're giving the actor a hit on their page, which helps to make them more popular (and thus more attractive to producers). Imdb IS important.

3.) Another imdb bonus for your acting pal! Go to their message board and leave a post. Even if it's just "Had a chance to work with this guy and he's very talented and a consummate professional." It's something. Even with signing up for your free account, it only takes a couple of minutes to do this.

4.) Youtube videos. Like them on youtube. Leave a quick "This rocks" comment. Click on them when they are reposted to give more hits/views. Subscribe to their channel. Even favorite them!

Notice how none of what I have told you to do includes SHARING the video or page on your wall, but ALL help the actor/director in question. None of these things cost money. Just a few seconds of your time.

The same can be applied to etsy stores, facebook posts and other websites. Hits mean a lot! It also applies to BLOGS!

For grins, here is my imdb page:

Here is my youtube page:

Here are the youtube pages for a couple of my films:

Humans Vs. Zombies:
Coyote County Loser:

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