Thursday, March 28, 2013

365 Movies Day #226 "Iron Sky"

What could be more awesome than a movie about moon Nazis invading Earth?!  Timo Vuorensola nails both the action and comedy elements of the film.  It's fun and everything you would expect from the trailer.  Incredibly well done.  Presently Timo is signed on to direct the films "I Killed Adolf Hitler" and "Paris I'll Kill You".  I can't wait!

Iron Sky stars Christopher Kirby ("Star Wars: Episode III", "Daybreakers", "The Matrix") as token black astronaut James Washington who unwittingly discovers the Nazi's hidden moonbase commanded by the always chilling Udo Kier ("Blade", "End of Days", "Johnny Mneumonic") and Götz Otto ("Cloud Atlas", "Tomorrow Never Dies").  What happens after is a hilariously absurd adventure that is sure to leave you wanting more.  Special shout out to Julia Dietze, who plays the beautiful and well-meaning Nazi Renate Richter and Stephanie Paul who plays the U.S. president who is a dead ringer for Sarah Palin!

Definitely one to check out!



  1. I keep seeing this at Walmart, but I've had such bad luck with Nazis. Well, not personally.

  2. This one is worth it. I mean...albinizer?! What's not to love?