Friday, November 2, 2012

365 Movies Day #224 "Pontypool"

While we are on the subect of zombie films, this is a shining example of how to do indy horror right! Take a very small, but highly talented cast, put them in one location and then let them sell the horror. You barely even see the "zombies" in this film and it delivers on so many levels that modern gore infested zombie flicks can't touch.

Set in the small Ontario town of Lake Pontypool in the dead of winter, new local talk radio sensation Grant Mazzy is headed into work like any other day. Grant is played by uber-talented Stephen McHattie who should be a household name and could definitely play a brother to both Lance Henriksen and Robert Patrick. Horror fans will recognize him from recent release, "The Tall Man", but he's had smaller roles in "Immortals", "300", "2012", and "The Watchmen" (Hollis Mason) as well as guest star roles on popular series like "Fringe". His producer is played by Lisa Houle, who tries to rein Mazzy in to appeal to a smaller listening audience. Georgina Reilly plays their tech who is a military veteran as well.

What starts out as another slow day in a slow town at their radio studio in the basement of an old church turns deadly when one of their roving reporters tells them that people are storming a local doctor's office and eating people...tearing them apart. What follows is, for the most part, the reaction of those trapped inside the station to what is going on around them. The explanation for the outbreak is highly original and creative...not to mention scary as it leaves you wondering if it could actually happen.

I highly suggest this film to any fans of horror and suspense. It's not very gory at all and plays more on the intellectual side of horror. Also cool for zombie fans who want to see a different take on the genre. Hats off to director Bruce McDonald for this one!


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